Brexit – Dutch Prime Minister: The idea of ​​Brexit is fundamentally wrong

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The idea of ​​the end of the British EU membership (Brexit) is fundamentally flawed, misleading, “causing enormous chaos and misery to the island” – said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Friday in The Hague.

In his statement to journalists, Rutte said it was factual that the whole concept of Brexit was wrong.
The Dutch prime minister has repeatedly stated that he “strongly opposes” the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union.
He underlined the aspirations of the Netherlands to end EU membership: if there are still people in the country who think that the so-called Nexit would be a good idea, look at the “huge damage” caused by Brexit to the UK.
In June 2016, a referendum was held in Britain on whether the country would remain a member of the European Union. In the referendum, 52 percent of British voters voted to quit, and 48 percent voted to stay. Subsequently, David Cameron’s British Conservative Prime Minister resigned. Cameron Theresa May is currently headed by the current Prime Minister.

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