Brexit – A private prosecution proceeding against Boris Johnson’s statements in the EU referendum campaign

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A private prosecution began on Tuesday in London against Boris Johnson’s former British Foreign Minister, the flagship of the bold Brexit Camp of the Conservative Conservative Party, in his campaign for a referendum on British EU membership.

The procedure was initiated by Marcus Ball as a private prosecutor with a law firm against Johnson at the magistrate court of Westminster, London.
The Judicial Forum, which set the first hearing on Tuesday, should decide whether a formal prosecution is justified by the action.
The 29-year-old Ball, a private prosecutor, has collected 370,000 pounds (nearly 140 million forints) from private donors in the last three months to fund the procedure.
According to a Tuesday report by The Times, a conservative British newspaper, Hatezren contributed financially to Marcus Ball’s Community funding initiative.
According to the claim, Boris Johnson may be accused of misconduct by a person in public office, above all, as a mayor and parliamentarian in London.
Johnson was Mayor of London until May 2016 and representative of Lower House since 2015. Theresa May also held the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs for a period of time in the Prime Minister’s Government, but he resigned last year because of the government’s strategy of too much Brexit.
The prominent campaign bus with which Johnson and his staff traveled from the UK on EU membership in the June 2016 referendum campaign is the central element of the agenda for the referendum on Tuesday, arguing for exit.
In the referendum, the majority of the participants, 51.89 percent, called for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.
The Johnson-led campaign’s central – and most serious – claim was that Britain would cost 350 million pounds a week (more than 130 billion forints) for EU membership, and this should be spent on the British public health care system (NHS).
This was a huge letter on the side of Johnson’s world-famous campaign bus.
However, the statement was almost instantaneously fired by violent attacks, and many of the other prominent representatives of the Brexit camp were separated.
At that time, an independent supervisory authority of the British Statistical Office also complained about the case. According to the authority, Johnson mixed the net and gross contributions and clearly misused official statistics.
A few weeks ago, one and a half thousand UK lawyers signed and published a joint call, which, for the same reasons, questioned the validity of the 2016 referendum on EU membership.

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