Brexit – Menczer: The Juncker Committee Didn’t Know The British In The EU And Migrants Outside The Union

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Hungary is not pleased, but accepts the decision of the British to leave the European Union – said Tamás Menczer, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for information and Hungary’s international display on Brexit, Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKIK) New emphasis on new priorities forum.

He stressed that one of the cornerstones of the Hungarian foreign policy was to respect the domestic affairs of the country, the decisions of the inhabitants of the country, and pointed out that this perception is not present in the European Union.
“The current European Commission categorizes its work as the British are leaving the European Union, while migrants are inside,” said the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Tamás Menczer pointed out in his presentation that Brexit is the world’s fifth-largest economy, Europe’s second largest economy, leaving more than 14 percent of the EU economy.
As far as bilateral relations are concerned, Tamás Menczer explained that the United Kingdom is Hungary’s 11th most important trading partner for Hungary;
The UK is the sixth largest capital investor in Hungary, and the UK company employs some 55,000 Hungarian workers, making up the fourth largest occupational community, the Hungarian government has so far concluded a strategic agreement with four UK companies, added the Secretary of State.
Tamás Menczer reiterated that the Hungarian position on Brexit is that a fair, fair agreement should be sought for the negotiators, that the acquired rights of Hungarian citizens living and studying there should not be violated, and Hungary is interested in the closest, most barrier-free commercial and economic cooperation.
In his presentation, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science outlined that the EU and the British exit agreement, which has not yet been adopted by the British Parliament, are in line with Hungarian values, the document states that the rights of EU citizens living there, including the Hungarians, are not affected. British citizens living in the EU.
At the same time, Hungary is preparing to withdraw without agreement, the Hungarian government has set up a working group with the participation of the ministries.
The team is constantly monitoring, analyzing and proposing. The Hungarian Parliament has done its work on Brexit, the acquired rights of British citizens living in Hungary will be retained even if Brexis is implemented without agreement, said the State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, adding that the government welcomes the British government position that London is ready to guarantee the rights of EU citizens even in the event of a non-agreed withdrawal.
Tamás Menczer stressed that Hungary was interested in concluding the Brexit agreement. Without a free trade agreement between the EU and the UK, the World Trade Organization, WTO rules will come into force, which would be detrimental to Hungary. He pointed out that the UK is preparing free trade agreements with other countries in the world. He said that if the EU did not enter into a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom, we would be at a competitive disadvantage.
It is also in favor of an orderly exit that the United Kingdom, on the basis of the draft agreement, fulfills all its financial obligations arising until the end of the transitional period, stressed the Secretary of State and pointed out that even after leaving, he must remain in close security and defense policy. with the British.
In a presentation by Iain Lidsay, Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Hungary, the British voted to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum, not to reject European values, but to express their will to operate their own democracy.
He said he wanted to leave the European Union, not Europe, and continued to be committed to the partnership. He stressed that the British government was striving for an orderly exit and reiterated that no EU citizen would have to leave Britain if he left the Union.
Iain Lindsay talked about the good political and economic relations between the two countries. Hungary is the third largest export market in Central and Eastern Europe and the UK is the fifth largest capital investor in Hungary.

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