Brexit – The British spend £ 4 billion on stockpiling

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The British have spent four billion pounds (1400 billion forints) on the accumulation of goods, driven by the threat of British membership of the European Union being terminated without agreement, according to a study released Monday.

One in five people has already begun to accumulate food, beverages and medicines, which will add £ 380 ($ 133,000) per capita – quoted by The Guardian, a survey by Premium Credit Financial Services, which estimates more than 800,000 people each has already spent more than a thousand pounds on stockpiling as Britain’s EU membership closes on 31 October (Brexit).
If the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without an agreement, experts expect short-term supply disruptions, but the Conservative government, led by Boris Johnson, says it is trying to reduce these risks.
Similar surveys carried out before Brexit’s original end-March deadline indicated that 17 percent of the population had entered storage and spending was £ 4.6 billion ($ 1,600 billion).
According to a recent study, 74 percent of stockholders replenished their supplies with food, 50 percent with medicine, and 46 percent with drinks.
In a summary of the Boodle Hatfield law firm, The Guardian also reported that the “super-rich” would import more luxury cars ahead of Brexit, thus avoiding the customs duties they would have to pay after they left without agreement. Over 3,800 luxury cars were imported last year, a 16 percent increase from a year earlier.
“In the absence of an agreed Brexit, imports of luxury cars would increase by 32 percent overnight, with the risk that vehicle exports and imports would become more difficult as the UK leaves the EU. More and more people are taking these risks seriously, and bring cars “from other countries of the European Union,” said a staff member at the office.

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