Brexit – Expert: May definitely leave

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Gergely Egedy, professor at the National Public Service University, said on Thursday it became clear that Theresa May’s conservative British prime minister would leave.

The expert recalled on the Friday night program of the current M1 channel, agreeing that May will be given the opportunity to submit a draft law on leaving the Union (Brexit) in the first week of June. With it, however, it is a success or not, it leaves. In fact, there were those who said they should give up with immediate effect.
For this reason, the Opposition Workers Party thought that there was little point in continuing the negotiations if a new leader kicked it all.
In addition, as Gergely Egedy noted, the negotiations have not yielded too many results so far, the deadline for leaving the European Union by 31 October has been reached.
In response to the expert’s question, he said there was no chance of a second British referendum on Brexit. However, this would require political will. Neither Theresa May nor its expected successor is from the conservative party Boris Johnson. Moreover, as he added, Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Workers’ Party, is not in favor of another referendum.

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