Brexit – More than 600,000 EU citizens have applied for a residence permit

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More than 600,000 foreign EU citizens have applied to the British authorities for a status that has been established so far, said the UK Interior Ministry on Thursday.

According to the ministry, more than 200,000 submitted their application for resettlement already during the public test run, which lasted seven months.
The system was fully launched on the last weekend of March.
According to the data of the Ministry of Interior on Thursday, 95 percent of applicants successfully used the mobile application for this purpose to verify their identity; in most cases, the administration did not last for ten minutes.
The statutory UK residence of 88 percent of applicants for established status was automatically verified by the individual social security number.
81 per cent of the applicants interviewed by the Ministry called the completion of the application form very or very easy.
According to the information, the application for the Android mobile system can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
The application application for Apple mobile devices will be available before the end of the year.
In his briefing on Thursday, the Ministry of the Interior confirmed that the British government would like foreign EU citizens established in the UK to stay in the country and continue to regard Britain as their home.
According to the decision of the British government, foreign EU citizens who are legally and legally resident in Britain may remain in the country after the termination of British EU membership (Brexit) and their current entitlements remain in force, but for established status – ie indefinitely apply to the UK Home Office.
The British government has been running a national campaign for weeks, encouraging foreign EU citizens to stay in Britain and apply for established status.
For the successful operation of the application system, the Ministry of the Interior has recruited a staff of more than 1,500 employees specifically for handling applications, and has established a new center for processing requests and questions on telephone, email and online platforms.
The center – EU Settlement Resolution Center – can be called from the United Kingdom on 0300 123 7379, from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays, from 10 am to 5 pm on weekends.
Those who do not want or cannot use the mobile application can post their passport or other identity documents to the Ministry by post.
Foreign EU citizens will have at least until December 31, 2020 a long-term permit to settle in the UK, even if the Brexit agreement, which has been rejected three times by the London House, has come into effect.
Unlike previous plans, the full launch of the system has made it free for foreign EU citizens to apply for a permanent residence permit after Brexit, and who have already paid the fee during the pilot schemes of the licensing system.
According to the instructions from the Ministry of the Interior, foreign EU citizens living and staying in the UK must prove their identity and live in Britain.
In addition, they must declare if they have been convicted of a criminal offense for a crime.

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