British Prime Ministerial election / Brexit – Hunt: Brexit expected by Christmas, Johnson: to leave the EU in October

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According to Jeremy Hunt, British Foreign Minister, Britain is expected to leave the European Union until Christmas.

At the same time, his predecessor, Boris Johnson, stated that the current deadline for the termination of EU membership (Brexit) should be maintained at the end of October.
Hunt and Johnson will compete for the post of Prime Minister Theresa May, who will leave the ruling Conservative Party and the government at the end of this month. Of these, the 160,000 members of the party elect May’s successor to the post.
The BBC’s television interview with them on Friday night, in which they made a separate statement, said Hunt: “If he becomes the next prime minister and reaches a new Brexit agreement with the EU by the end of September, he would be willing to to allow time for parliamentary approval, even if it would “pass a few days” beyond the October deadline.
He did not give a clear answer to the question of how much time he would give to this, but he answered yes to the question of whether he expected the Brexit to be held until Christmas.

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