British Prime Ministerial election / Brexit – Johnson thinks it is vital to get out of October, Hunt warns of unacceptable promises

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According to former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, it is vital for Britain to leave the European Union on 31 October, on the closing date of the British EU membership (Brexit). However, Jeremy Hunt’s current foreign minister has emphasized that only promises can be promised, the fulfillment of which is absolutely certain.

The two politicians compete for the leadership position of the ruling Conservative Party. The 160,000-member membership will choose the party’s new leader, who will be the next British prime minister as successor to the outgoing Theresa May.
The result of the election will be announced on July 23rd.
Johnson and Hunt took part in a debate with an audience of 200 people, organized by ITV commercial television on Tuesday.
To the question of whether to leave the EU from 31 October, Johnson stated that keeping the Brexit deadline is vital, otherwise the erosion of confidence in the Conservative Party would continue, as would the migration of voters to other parties.
Johnson, the frontman of the Conservative Party’s Hardline Brexit Camp, who, based on the results of membership surveys and betting on the betting offices, is the favorite of the rivalry of rivalry, reiterated his repeated opinion that the most controversial issue, the physically non-existent The issue of opening a Northern Ireland border after Brexit should be settled in the context of free trade negotiations.
The 499 kilometer border will be the UK’s and the EU’s only land border cap after the British exit.
An agreement on the terms and conditions of Brexit includes a back-up solution to prevent the reintroduction of border control. On this basis, the UK would remain in a customs union relationship with the EU if it could not conclude a free trade agreement in time that would make it unnecessary.
The hard-line Brexit camp of the Conservative Party faction does not want to hear about this solution, and the lower house has rejected the exit agreement three times. For the most part, this is why Theresa May leaves the party leadership and prime minister.
Boris Johnson also reiterated in his Tuesday night television debate that Britain should be prepared to withdraw without agreement to ensure that “our friends and partners beyond the Channel can be convinced of our seriousness”.
Jeremy Hunt stated that he was equally determined to leave October 31 as Johnson did.
At the same time, according to the Foreign Minister, trust in politics has been compromised when the original Brexit deadline at the end of March was not met. That is why all politicians, including Boris, should only make promises if they are absolutely certain that they can keep these promises, ”Hunt said.
Jeremy Hunt announced last week, at the beginning of his election campaign, that if he was the next British Prime Minister, he would appoint three negotiating periods with the European Union and, on that date, would form an opinion on whether there was a realistic chance a new exit convention to be adopted by the London House of Commons.
Hunt said that if he thinks that there is a chance, he will endeavor to negotiate on this before the Brexit deadline in late October and that the convention can be put to a parliamentary vote.
He stated that if he came to the conclusion that there was no chance of a new Brexit agreement, he would immediately terminate the negotiations with the EU and would concentrate on the preparations without Brexit without agreement.
The European Union has consistently and unequivocally indicated in its official declarations that there is no possibility of renegotiating the 585-page agreement on the conditions for exiting the UK.

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