Huawei can make a brutal fall

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Huawei, blacklisted by Donald Trump, is about to drop sales by up to 40-60 percent on international markets, writes Bloomberg, referring to industry sources.

Last year, Huawei sold 206 million phones and almost half of it outside of China, so international sales have a big impact on the company’s results. The downturn could mean that 40-60 million units are selling fewer phones this year. Bloomberg knows that Huawei wants to offset this with domestic market acquisition. Worldwide, the second largest producer is Huawei, and China has one third of the market.

According to the news agency, the largest French mobile operators do not deal with Huawei’s secondary brand, Honor. The Chinese phone manufacturer will be watching the sales of Honor 20, which will be on 21 June in most of Western Europe, and will be shipped less if this new model fails.

Because of the limitations of the United States, it looks like Huawei may fall behind the Android operating system and popular software users like Gmail, Youtube and Google Maps. Although the Chinese company has developed a proprietary operating system, the transition should not take place so quickly to avoid losses.

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei expects the company to return about $ 100 billion from US $ 104.16 billion last year due to US sanctions – wrote Reuters.

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