The EU refutes the British Brexit dreams

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Both EU institutions and Member States leaders refuse to renegotiate and renegotiate the agreement reached with the European Union in November on the conditions for the termination of the British EU membership (Brexit), said Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg in Brussels, for the second, final day of the EU summit. arriving on Friday.

The EU Declaration’s premise is that in recent days, many British politicians have been confident in the tory presidential election (de facto prime ministerial campaign): the Union will be willing to renegotiate the conditions for exiting. The EU (many times) indicated that it was still a dream.

Bettel stressed that the leaders of the European Union maintained their position that the Brexit Agreement could not be renegotiated regardless of who the next British Prime Minister would be.

Boris Johnson, on the chances of a former British foreign minister, said nothing would change the position of the union in London. You can’t change things or stop decisions because someone else is leading the UK, “he said.

The current agreement is the best possible offer from the European Union

Bettel said.

The leaders of the EU Member States will briefly discuss the latest developments in the United Kingdom’s EU exit process on Friday, on the final day of their summit on Thursday.

Former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson and his immediate successor, Jeremy Hunt, current Head of Foreign Affairs, is competing for the leadership position of the ruling British Conservative Party. The next British prime minister will be the winner of their two battles.

The current Prime Minister, Theresa May, has left the Conservative Party for three weeks, first and foremost due to the fact that the House of Commons in London has refused, three times in recent months, the agreement reached with the European Union in November to establish the terms of the British EU membership (Brexit).

At its meeting on 11 April in Brexit, the European Council, at the request of the United Kingdom and in agreement with it, extended the deadline for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal by 31 October.

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