Cannes – South Korea celebrates Golden Palm’s award for Bong Jun Ho’s film

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The South Korean President congratulated the Bong Jun Ho film director in a warm voice message for his first South Korean film, the Live Comedy Thriller, on Saturday at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival.

“It’s a tremendous gift for the South Korean people. The status of the Hallyu culture has risen to one higher level,” wrote Mun Dzse in a Twitter message.
The Hallyu, the Korean wave, is a cultural phenomenon that started in the 1990s, which means the expansion of popular South Korean culture.
The head of state praised Bong Jun Ho director who, after ten years of foreign detour, filmed his award-winning film in Cannes. “He has built his step-by-step dream of being a world-famous film director since he was twelve,” he said.
Bong Jun Ho Throws is a deep family drama, and it shows social violence caused by social inequalities.
The director is the sixth South Korean filmmaker who has received awards in a category in Cannes for the past two decades. In addition, this year’s competition program had to compete with films by world-famous artists such as Pedro Almodóvar, Ken Loach, Terrence Malik, Arnaud Desplechin, or Belgian Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne.
Alejandro González, director of Inariritu Mexican, president of the jury of the Cannes competition program, announced at the award ceremony that the members of the jury unanimously voted for the Golden Palm for South Korean film. “This movie was an unparalleled experience, a surprising movie,” he added.

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