Copa America – The Brazilians without Neymar, the Argentines Messivel

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South America’s 46th Continental Championship, Copa America, starts on Friday, with Argentine Lionel Messi trying to reach the summit, while the host Brazilians fight without Neymar.
    The Paris Saint-Germain star would also have been in the home team, but the attacker’s ankle was injured last week in a 2-0 match against Qatar. Without it, it will be more difficult for the Brazilian national team to win the ninth triumph, but it is definitely beside it that it won the four continental battles (1919, 1922, 1949, 1989).
    Argentina’s 14-time winner would like to win a prestigious international trophy after 26 years. In the last two announcements, he made a final, but he was left with 11 inches against Chile. The second failure was so damaging to Messiah that he had renounced his selection in disappointment, but later he changed his mind and retreated to win a big tournament with the national team.
    The record with 15 triumphs in Uruguay was one of the biggest stars of his debut, Luis Suárez, but the Barcelona striker eventually recovered after his knee surgery on May 6th.
    According to the Hungarian time, on Saturday, Saturday, starting on July 7th, the teams were divided into three groups of four teams. The first two runners of the quartets, as well as the two best thirds, will be in the quarter-finals, and the fight will continue in a straight-through system.
    Traditionally, two of the ten South American guards are invited to the tournament, this time being considered the newcomer to the next World Cup, Asia Cup Winner Qatar is one. The other Japan, who took part in the event for the second time after 1999, was twenty years old with a point in the final position of his group.
    This year’s Copa America is organized in five Brazilian cities – Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre.
Group A: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Venezuela
Group B: Argentina, Qatar, Colombia, Paraguay
Group C: Chile, Ecuador, Japan, Uruguay

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