Prince Philip was celebrating his 98th birthday

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Without a special ceremony, Philip’s Prince of Edinburgh celebrated his 98th birthday on Monday.

The British ruling husband has retired from public practice for almost two years, and although he sometimes appears mainly at family weddings, he is no longer involved in public events.
Accordingly, Prince Philip was not present at the events that accompanied US President Donald Trump’s visit to London last week, and he was absent for the second time in his 93-year-old II. Queen Elizabeth’s “official” birthday ceremony was held on Saturday with an ornate military parade in London.
However, the birthday of the Duke was not forgotten either: the Royal Equestrian Artillery in Hyde Park, London, greeted Philip with 41 ornamental shots, and at the same time, the ancient coronation church, the bells of Westminster Abbey, spoke to the monarch’s husband.
Several records are attached to Philip’s name. He is the eldest royal family member of the 1200-year history of the British-British monarchy, and also the longest-serving “monarch” ruler: he has been a reigning spouse for 67 years, since his wife entered the United Kingdom in 1952.
Prince Philip and II. Queen Elizabeth celebrates her 72nd anniversary in November, and this is an unprecedented anniversary in the history of the monarchy.
Earlier eight years ago, on the occasion of his 90th birthday, and on his BBC portraits with him, he promised that he would be much less public in the future because, in his words, “man is down physically, spiritually and generally better to get out yet before the expiry of the warranty period “.
However, this promise was made only six years later: in the autumn of 2017 he officially retired from the public.
Until his retirement, Philip was a very active member of the royal family: in his six and a half decades after his wife’s throne, more than 22,000 – an average of 342 official programs per year, 637 foreign visits, several times in Hungary, held 5,500 speeches, and 780 social and social charity, president, chief or member of a charity. They are still in contact with these organizations, but no longer play an active role in the work of the institutions in the form of public appearances.
The Prince of Edinburgh has abandoned one of his great passions, the car driving this year, after being a serious car accident in January: the royal family’s eastern England winter residence, Sandringham, was trying to drive the local road to Land Rover Freelander while colliding with a Kia passenger car.
The Land Rover overturned, and Prince Philip was assisted by other car drivers coming to the scene.
Philip had no trouble, but the wagon of the other car had broken his wrist, and the 28-year-old woman leading the Kiya had suffered a slight cut on the knee. A nine-month-old boy traveled in the car, but he was not injured.
Prince Philip, although the authorities did not complain, returned his license voluntarily a few weeks later.
Recently II. Queen Elizabeth also reduced her working pace slightly: she does not make official foreign travel, and passes on to her royal family of younger royalties.
In addition, following her husband’s example, she has recently abandoned driving, although she did not have any administrative work in her case, as the Queen was the only one in the UK who did not need a driving license because of her prerogatives.

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