Curry missed the final triumph, NBA champion Toronto Raptors

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For the last moments, Toronto Raptors reached the top in an exciting match, gaining the first NBA championship title for the team and Canada.

The sixth match of the Golden State Warriors, which is a defeat in the home court, but in a match of 2-3, that is to say, defeated the final, was as small as its season. In spite of the full-time injury wave, the best defending champion in the 2019 finals, Klay Thompson, was injured in the third quarter and was no longer able to return.

Lack of Golden State was almost a hopeless situation, but the best team of recent decades has even brought out in the ruins somehow – with the help of Danny Green’s big mistake – a situation in which one of the team’s top stars, Stephen Curry, comes under the leadership of his opponent. who’s the last second, all-in-three. Curry is aware that, according to his statistics, he is the best tripladobo in the history of the league.

But now he missed his standard, not too difficult, so Raptors won in his third home match and became a champion of the NBA with 4-2.

As Toronto became the champion, it was not a question of getting the MVP award to Kawhi Leonard, who scored 28.5 points, 9.8 rebounds, 4.2 assists, 2 beats and 1.2 blocks in the six games of the final. , he was clearly the leader of his team, so he won the prize for the second time after 2014.

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