Danny Trejo rescued a child from a head-on car

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The man who’ll have a job while Hollywood needs the bad-faced, tattooed Mexican gangsters, Danny Trejo, of course, is not so much on film as in life – yesterday, for example, rescued a little boy from an accident car.

The heroic scene was Los An geles, Trejo’s hometown and residence, where the 75-year-old actor witnessed an accident in which a car turned upside down. Trejo ran up to the car and saw a little boy sitting in death, strapped into the backseat of the back seat.

At first he climbed into the wreckage through a broken window but couldn’t unlock the child seat belt. He climbed out, and with another helpful civilian, a certain Monica Jackson, the two were able to get the kid out of the car.

We did not save the child, but the child seat

Trejo told a photographer at the scene, then told CNN that everything good in his life could be directly linked to his good deed. Eyewitnesses believed the accident was a movie promo when they saw Troy running toward the car.

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