Diplomatic leakage: Trump only told Iran’s nuclear convention because it was bound by Obama

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US President Donald Trump has just announced a multi-party agreement on restricting Iran’s nuclear development activities, as it was signed by its predecessor, Barack Obama, on behalf of the United States – out of the leaked confidential diplomatic telegrams sent by the former Washington ambassador to Britain. to the London Foreign Ministry.

Sir Kim Darroch, who resigned from his ambassador’s office after a week’s outbreak of scandal, sent briefings to London on US President Donald Trump and the White House’s work in recent months, and some of these telegrams were sent to the conservative Sunday on Mail on Sunday British Mass Sheet.
Darroch wrote in a telegram published for the first time a week ago, among others, that under the chairmanship of Trump, the White House “has become incapable of functioning”, the president’s career “may end in a fickle”, and it is unlikely that the Trump government will ever be “. it will be significantly more normal, less functional, less unpredictable, less shared, less diplomatic, less bold.
In a new section of a confidential telegraph stack published by Mail on Sunday on Sunday, Darroch wrote that the denunciation of the Iranian Nuclear Convention was “diplomatic vandalism”, which the Trump government “committed for ideological and personal reasons” only because of the agreement Barack Obama tied it.
According to Darroch’s report, the US government, after the termination of the agreement, was unable to present any strategy for “the next day”, and no suggestions were made by the Washington Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the United States to contact its partners and allies at all.
The telegrams also show that there was no effect on Trump’s decision by British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson at the time of his visit to Washington in May last year, which specifically meant that Johnson would be deciding to stop the US president from denouncing the Iranian atomic bomb.
Donald Trump has already named the British Ambassador in Washington in his Twitter posts as “half-hearted”, “very stupid guy”, “upset fool” after his first leaked telecom package was released last week.
However, British Prime Minister Theresa May and current British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt praised Sir Kim Darroch’s work both with great acclaim and both deeply regretted the Ambassador’s premature departure.
Hunt, barely disguising the American President’s use of the British ambassador, stressed that whenever he visited Washington, he always seized Sir Kim Darroch’s professionalism and intellect.
In the case of a leak that causes a severe diplomatic crisis, Scotland Yard has launched a criminal investigation under the guise of a state-owned counter-terrorist headquarters in London, with suspicion of violation of the State Secrets Act.
Scotland Yard Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Neil Basu, at the same time as the Friday evening announcement, made little reference to the possibility of investigating press agencies reporting leaked telegrams, stating that, in view of the damage caused by leakage, the disclosure of these documents is also a crime constitute.
However, this statement has been severely criticized by both British editors and British politicians, including Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson, over the weekend.
Jeremy Hunt, Foreign Minister, wrote in his Twitter post that although the leaks have caused damage to British-American relations, he does, however, protect the media from the right to communicate such leaks, as if the press considers publicity to be the disclosure of information it has received, then the press it’s up to you to publish them.
In response to the upheaval, the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Scotland Yard stated in a separate statement on Saturday night that the police did not intend to prevent the press from communicating information that is in the public interest in a liberal democracy.

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