Donald Trump: The British Head of State, with the Brexit talks, has only created an uproar

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British Prime Minister Theresa May has created a confrontation with Brexit talks – Donald Trump, US President, was on Twitter on Monday, who at the same time said he did not want to keep in touch with his British ambassador to Washington.

“I am very critical of how the UK and Prime Minister Theresa May dealt with Brexit. For the United Kingdom, however, “it is good news that it will soon be its new prime minister,” he said in another record.
Trump also spoke on Twitter to the British ambassador accredited in Washington and criticizing the US government. As he said, he does not know the diplomat, but he knows “they do not like and do not think good about it in the United States”. In the future, neither he nor his government members want to keep in touch with him, ”he added.
The British magazine The Mail on Sunday and CNN American News Television Sunday released the diplomatic telegrams sent to London by the London Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch. For example, according to the evidence of the leaked diplomatic telegrams, Darroch finds it unlikely that the Trump government will ever be “significantly more normal, less functional, less unpredictable, less divided, less diplomatically less clumsy”.
The British Foreign Ministry acknowledged that the leaked secret reports were authentic and stated in a statement published on Sunday that the ambassador’s opinion “did not necessarily reflect the views of ministers or government”. The British Foreign Ministry launched an investigation into the case. On Sunday, Trump only reported to journalists that the British Ambassador “did not serve the UK well”.
On Monday, Theresa May told her “full confidence” in the ambassador, but Jeremy Hunt, Foreign Minister, stated that Darroch’s words only reflected “personal insight” and not the London government’s opinion.

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