Donald Trump: According to intelligence, the Chinese government is sending troops to the Hong Kong border

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US President Donald Trump said intelligence had informed him that the Chinese government was sending troops to the Hong Kong border. Trump said this in a Twitter message on Tuesday.

In his microblogging post, the president gestured for calm. However, his message did not reveal what the president was targeting: information earlier in the press that Beijing had ordered troops to the Hong Kong border, or possibly sending more troops.
In another post, Trump added, he doesn’t understand why he and the United States are blamed for “the Hong Kong problems.”
The president is visiting a small town in Pennsylvania and posted a Twitter post just when he arrived. Before leaving, he told reporters only “the situation is very complicated” in Hong Kong, but he hoped to find a solution that was suitable for everyone, including China. “I hope it settles peacefully and freedom wins,” he said.
The White House has not yet issued a resolution on developments in Hong Kong.
The US Department of State announced Tuesday that Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo had made a telephone call with Yang Ji-chi, the Chinese President’s chief diplomatic adviser. The ministry said the two politicians talked about “a number of issues” in US-China relations, but did not elaborate on the details of the meeting.
Last Friday, the US State Department accused Beijing of behaving like a “criminal regime” for disclosing the personal details of an American diplomat who met with Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong.
“It is completely unacceptable to disclose any personal information of an American diplomat, only by an evil-doer regime,” Foreign Affairs spokesman Morgan Ortagus wrote in a statement on Friday.

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