Donald Trump appoints the director of the Counter-Terrorism Center at the head of peak intelligence

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Joseph Maguire, director of the National Center for Counter-Terrorism, is the new nominee for the National Intelligence Directorate (DNI), which brings together all US intelligence agencies, US President Donald Trump announced on Twitter Thursday night.

Maguire, 67, will take up the position of CEO on August 15, when Dan Coats, former DNI chief, leaves. Trump has also announced that Coats’ deputy, Sue Gordon, along with Coats, is also leaving the top intelligence organization.
“Admiral Maguire will have a long and dignified career after retiring in 2010. He was a commander at every level, including a naval special war chief. He served as a national security researcher at Harvard University. I have no doubt that he will do a great job,” .
After Dan Coats announced his departure a few weeks ago, Donald Trump nominated John Ratcliffe, Texas Republican representative, as DNI director. However, the politician was caught in the crossfire of press attacks – among other things because he had embellished his biography – and withdrew five days after the nomination.

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