Donald Trump US President’s support rose to 51 percent according to a survey

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Donald Trump’s US sponsorship rose to 51 percent, according to a Zogby researcher whose survey was published on Tuesday by The Washington Examiner.

With the improvement, the President reached and even exceeded the critical 50 percent support he needed for his re-election.
This increase in popularity is attributable to Donald Trump, who, according to the survey, has seen an increasing number of independent people and more and more people voting for their policies amongst those who were born at the turn of the millennium.
The paper quoted Jonathan Zogby, a Zogby Analytics researcher, who stressed that if the economy remained so strong and prosperous, Donald Trump would be hard to beat in the next presidential election.
According to the survey, many of the groups in the society who were previously anti-Trump people are more and more fond of it, mostly because they trust the results of the economy and how Trump deals with economic issues.
“The solid economic, democratic presidential candidate aspirants’ protracted, long-term pre-selection process, the support of the generation of millennia, the support of city voters and minorities will be very difficult to overcome in 2020,” said Jonathan Zogby.
Donald Trump’s perception of some minority groups has improved: 27 percent of African Americans and 45 percent of Spanish-speaking Americans support him. People living in cities are also starting to move towards Trump, as job opportunities have expanded primarily in large and medium-sized cities.
30 percent of respondents strongly support 21 percent of “somewhat”, 37 percent of them strongly, and 11 percent “somewhat” reject Trump’s policy in general. In the Democratic Party voters’ camp, the president’s popularity is only 22 percent and 59 percent of the electorate rejects him.
Jonathan Zogby told The Washington Examiner: the previous head of state, Barack Obama’s presidency at the same time – that is, the third year of his first presidential term – was able to support 48 percent of the Americans interviewed, rejecting him.
A few days ago, Gallup polled the poll. Donald Trump knew about 46 percent support, but Gallup said the President’s popularity was steadily increasing.

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