Donald Trump signed a presidential decree on the protection of US telecommunications networks

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US President Donald Trump signed a presidential decree on protection of US telecommunications networks on Wednesday afternoon.

The law, called The Washington Post’s “American State of Emergency” Decree, gives the US Government a wide-ranging mandate to prohibit US telecom companies from engaging with foreign parts manufacturers that may pose a threat to national security in the United States. The law does not call it a name, but analysts say it is a Chinese Huawei giant company or the Chinese ZTE telecommunications company.
The authors of the regulation mention that US foreign opponents exploit a certain degree of vulnerability in US telecommunication technology and services and, in this context, are particularly concerned about economic and industrial espionage.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House spokesman, issued a statement in which she stated: “The President made it clear that the government is taking the necessary steps to preserve America’s security and prosperity and to protect America from foreign enemies that are active and active. is increasingly creating and exploiting the vulnerability of the US information and communication infrastructure “.
The Presidential Decree empowers the Minister of Commerce to stop any procurement involving communication technologies for companies related to foreign governments. These are, according to the regulation, an “unacceptable risk” to the national security of the United States. Such components, in the chairman’s opinion, carry the risk of industrial espionage or, if installed, can monitor, interrupt or disrupt the operation of vital telecommunication networks or other infrastructure networks that provide daily services.
For Wednesday’s announcement analysts had been counting for almost a year, but so far the White House National Economic Council has always prevented the release of the decree. Now, however, while the new round of US-China trade talks ended without success on Friday, it was no longer against it.
Trump Presidential Decree does not immediately exclude specific countries or companies from the telecom business, nor does it apply exclusively to a single technology, such as 5G systems.
The Wall Street Journal contacted both Huawei and ZTE companies, but none of them wished to comment on the US President’s decision. Huawei’s director David Wang said Wednesday, before the presidential decree was issued, that such a decision would be wrong.

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