Donald Trump is preparing for a “long meeting” with Chi Chin-ping Chinese leader at the Osaka Summit

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“A long meeting” is being prepared by Xi Chin-chi chief at the G20 Summit next week in Osaka, “said US President Donald Trump in his Twitter post on Tuesday.

The chairman also announced that he had a “very good” discussion on Tuesday with Mr Xi and announced that the Washington and Beijing delegations would continue trade negotiations before the summit.
Later, the White House also issued a communication on the negotiations between Trump and Xi. The Communication emphasized the importance of mutually beneficial economic relations, stressing that the bilateral agreement should also include the issue of structural barriers to trade relations and the controllability of the agreement.
According to a statement by the US presidency, the two presidents discussed regional security issues. The White House did not mention North Korea, but analysts point out that the Chinese President will visit Pyongyang before the Osaka Summit.
Meanwhile, Larry Kudlow, the chief economic advisor to the White House, also talked to journalists about the resumption of trade talks.
He stated that Washington was striving for an agreement that would include some structural changes and would include the methods and mechanisms for enforcing the agreement. “The United States wants to continue the discussions, but it wants to make structural changes to the issues of intellectual property protection and the mechanisms for enforcing the convention,” said Kudlow at the White House Rose Garden. He called “Absolute vital” the mechanisms to enforce the Convention. “We have always wanted this,” he said, adding that China must change its practice.
The Counselor also commented on Fox Television, where he stressed that the resumption of negotiations would “bring some joy”, but – as he said – “there is no guarantee that results will be.

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