Donald Trump: John Bolton made some big mistakes

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John Bolton made some big mistakes – US President Donald Trump told reporters Wednesday in the White House about a former national security adviser whose dismissal was announced the day before on Twitter.

In particular, the President considered Bolton’s stance on Venezuela and North Korea to be a mistake.
“He was far from a picture of Venezuela,” he said of his national security adviser. Bolton said he was deeply mistaken that he allegedly insulted Kim Jong Un’s North Korean leader by suggesting to him the “Libyan model”, which, like the murdered Libyan leader Moammer el-Gaddafi, was to give up his country’s entire nuclear arsenal. “I understand Kim Jong Un, look at what happened to Gaddafi. Not to be tough, but to be smart,” Trump stressed.
He said he was negotiating with five “highly qualified” individuals, including Bolton’s successor. By name, however, he did not name any of them. US press reports include Steve Biegun, the State Department’s Special Representative for North Korea, Rob Blair, Mick Mulvaney, the White House’s executive cabinet chief foreign affairs and security adviser, Richard Grenell, the US ambassador to Berlin, , who gained national security experience as a negotiator for the release of American hostages.
He also addressed Iran in response to questions from journalists. He reiterated that the US government was ready to negotiate and said it wanted Tehran to negotiate. “We are ready to reach an agreement, but if it does not work well for us,” he said. Asked whether he would be willing to relax sanctions against Iran ahead of a possible meeting of Hasan Rohani with Iranian head of state, he said “we will see what happens”.
In addition, Tehran made the lifting of punitive measures a prerequisite for any meeting.
The question Trump did not want to answer was whether Nicolas Maduro is planning a meeting with Venezuelan President.

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