Donald Trump launches his re-election campaign on Tuesday night

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US President Donald Trump launches his re-election campaign on Tuesday night in Orlando, Florida.

In Orlando, Central Florida, home to the huge Disneyworld amusement park, the US President’s re-election campaign is officially launched in the city’s largest arena. The event starts at eight o’clock in local time and broadcasts live by all major television companies.
According to a report by Orlando Sentinel in the city, Trump’s supporters and supporters had already released a good number on Monday afternoon, tents on the streets and sleeping bags. They had a great event. Donald Trump told Twitter on Monday that he had filed more than a hundred thousand tickets in a sports hall that could accommodate twenty thousand people.
“There will be a huge crowd in Orlando, Florida, it looks like we are making a record,” Trump wrote in his microblogging. He added, “Our country is doing great, far more magnificent than the hateful and losers thought, and it will be even better!”
On Monday afternoon, the campaign team’s staff also published their Twitter posts sequentially, recording interest in the campaign’s overture. For example, Chief Kayleigh McEnany reported that he had met a fan from Boston who had been camping on Sunday in Orlando.
It is no coincidence that Donald Trump chose Florida to launch his campaign. Florida is an important member of the elections. In this southern state, 14 million are the number of voters, and analysts agree that without winning Florida, the president’s re-election is unthinkable. In 2016, Donald Trump won victory: true one percent, but defeated Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. At the same time, analysts also point out that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats can book Florida as their secure supporters; the voters’ willingness and will have always been volatile here. Florida has a large number of Spanish communities: immigrants and descendants from Puerto Rico and Cuba. And while Trump is generally less popular in Spanish communities, it can be very supportive in Florida. The reason for this is primarily the policy towards Cuba and other Central and South American, left-wing countries that are much tougher than their predecessors. During the mid-term elections last autumn, the Democrats remained below the Republican candidates at both the Senate and Governor elections.
According to US press reports, the Trump campaign’s password to be announced on Tuesday night is not the one chosen in 2016 and has always been pronounced “Let’s Make America Great again!” will. The new slogan is “Keep America Big”.

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