Donald Trump has canceled his visit to Denmark

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US President Donald Trump announced on Twitter Tuesday night that he would cancel his visit to Denmark.

“Denmark is a very special country, with incredible people, but given Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s comments that he is not interested in discussing the purchase of Greenland, we will postpone our meeting in two weeks’ time,” the head of state wrote in his microblog. He then thanked the Danish politician for “speaking clearly” because, he said, “it saved both the US and Denmark the cost and effort”.
Trump indicated that a visit would take place at a later date.
Last week, The Wall Street Journal wrote that Donald Trump had repeatedly raised the issue of buying Greenland from Denmark in a narrow circle of advisers, and even asked two White House legal advisers to look into the possibility. The president’s financial adviser, Larry Kudlow, confirmed in a television interview on Sunday that Trump was really interested in buying Greenland.
Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen visited the autonomous island of the Kingdom of Denmark just after the US news release and on the day of Kudlow’s statement, stating that the area was not for sale and hoped that the US President would not take it seriously.
On Monday, Donald Trump referred to Greenland with a funny Twitter: a microblogging posted a photo montage depicting the skyscraper of one of its hotels and the bucolic Danish landscape. Next to the picture he wrote, “I promise I won’t do this in Greenland!”
The US president will travel to Biarritz, southern France, at the end of the week to attend the G7 summit, which brings together the world’s leading economic powers. He would have gone to Denmark from there. On September 1, Poland is already commemorating the anniversary of the outbreak of World War II.

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