Donald Trump stopped attacking Iran in minutes before the blow

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The tension between the United States and Iran has not eased with the shooting of the American drone. President Donald Trump planned an attack on Iran and stopped it just minutes before the strike.

The president said this on Twitter on Friday, adding that the attack would have been a disproportionate response to a drone shot.
“On Monday, an unnamed drone was shot above international waters. Last night we were ready to shoot with sharp-filled weapons to hit three different places, but then I asked how many people would die. One hundred and fifty people, sir, sounded the answer from a general,” the events in the microblogging of the US president. Then he wrote: “I stopped it ten minutes before the strike, would not have been proportional to shooting an anonymous drone.”
Donald Trump stressed that he had no “hurried” attack to explain his change of position.
The drone shot over the Strait of Hormuz took place after weeks of US-Iranian bitterness, especially since last week’s incident. Then, in the Gulf of Oman, two tanker ships were attacked and, according to Washington, Tehran is responsible.
The United States has deployed ships, combat planes, soldiers, anti-missiles, while Iran has been accused of attacking foreign ships and Iranian-friendly groups in missile attacks in the area. During this time, both sides told the public that they did not want a war.
On Friday, the United States and Iran blamed each other for drone shooting. Tehran insisted that the drone was shot down over the Iranian territory, the Hormuzgan province of southern Iran, while Washington continued to claim that it had been taken over international waters. Zaríf Mohamed, Foreign Minister of Iran, called this statement a lie on Twitter on Thursday, adding that Tehran will bring the case to the UN.
The United States asked for the UN Security Council to hold a meeting behind closed doors on Monday.
Brian Hook, United States Iranian spokesman on the Middle East boulevard, stressed the importance of reducing tensions on Friday in Riyadh. “Iran must respond to our diplomatic efforts through diplomacy and non-military force,” he said.
Highly ranked Iranian officials told Reuters news agency on Friday that they sent Tehran a message through Trump Oman that if Iran refused to negotiate, the attack would be inevitable. According to officials who did not want to name themselves, Trump urged the dialogue, but they were not too optimistic: they said the message would be handed over to Ayatollah, Ali Hamenei, Iran’s leading political and religious leader, but he said: Hamenei is not willing to sit at the negotiating table for the time being.
Iran refused Reuters information on Friday. Kejvan Hosravi, a spokesman for the Iranian National Security Council, said to state television: “America has not sent any message via Oman to Iran.”
According to senior Iranian leaders, including General Hualinin Salami, Commander of the Revolutionary Guard of Iran, the action was a clear message for Washington. He stated that the borders of the country were inviolable. He stressed that Tehran did not want war, but was ready to defend himself. In a similar spirit, Friday’s Deputy Foreign Minister of Aragon, Abbas, said on Friday. An American drone was shot by an American drone by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, with 35 people on board, Iranian air defense could have shot, but did not, “said Amir Ali Hadzsizade, commander of the Revolutionary Guard Air Force.
Moscow is monitoring the situation in the Persian Gulf and Iran and calling for restraint, “the Kremlin spokesman told reporters on Friday. “The situation in the Persian Gulf is very tense, causing serious unrest,” said Dmitry Peszkov.
Riyadh supports Washington’s policy against Iran, and agrees with the pressure on Tehran, said Hidid Bin Salman, Deputy Iraqi Defense and Defense Minister, on Friday after a meeting with Riyadh of the United States Special Envoy in Iran, Brian Hook. Haliid Bin Salman also said that the meeting focused primarily on the issue of an American drone shot by Iranian air defense on Thursday, and that Iran’s supportive Yemeni struggles against Saudi Arabia.
The US Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) on Thursday evening banned its country’s airline from flying over Iranian airspace and some of Iranian waters with emergency provision. The prohibition – which is justified by the authorities with increased tension around Iran and increased military activity – applies only to the area of ​​the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman.

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