Donald Trump: Negotiations on defense costs have begun with South Korea

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US-South Korea has begun talks on defense costs, US President Donald Trump said in a Twitter message on Wednesday.

“Discussions have begun with South Korea to further increase its contribution to the United States. South Korea is a very rich nation that now feels obliged to contribute to the military protection provided by the United States,” the US President said in a microblog.
US National Security Adviser John Bolton paid a visit to South Korea a month ago, announcing that the two countries had discussed “sharing the cost of defense,” Bolton said, in a “reasonable and fair” way.
Washington and Seoul signed an agreement in February this year to increase Seoul’s $ 70.3 million contribution to $ 927 million to cover the costs of US troops in the area. The Convention is for a transitional period of one year.
US analysts note that President Mark Esper made his announcement ahead of US Secretary of Defense’s recent visit to Seoul.

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