Donald Trump received another letter from Kim Jong Un North Korean leader

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Another letter was received from Kim Jong Un North Korean leader of the US President. Donald Trump told reporters on Tuesday at the White House that the content of the letter was “wonderful” and “warm”.

At the same time, Trump did not report on the details received on Monday. Also, without mentioning details, he explained that he was expecting something “positive” to happen between Washington and Pyongyang. He described the relationship between the two countries as “great”.
Trump stressed that Kim Jong Un adhered to his words, North Korea is no longer carrying out experiments with long-range nuclear missiles.
Not long before Donald Trump’s statements, John Bolton’s National Security Advisor said “a full potential” is a third summit between Trump and Kim, which only depends on the North Korean party. In any case, Washington is ready to do so – the National Security Advisor confirmed.
In response to journalist questions in the White House’s garden, Donald Trump, starting at an Iowa campaign event, was among the rest of China and Venezuela. He explained that Beijing is about to conclude a trade agreement with Washington, but this can only happen if, as he said, “the agreement is as good as possible”. Nonetheless, he praised the Chinese president of Xi Chin-ping, adding that he understands him because he represents China’s interests while he puts the interests of the Americans in his best interests.
Trump stated that he expects that the G20 group will hold talks with the Chinese leader at the Japanese Summit in late June, but he believes that President Xi must change his position on some issues in trade negotiations to date.
Speaking of Venezuela, the US President blamed and foresaw his predecessor, President Barack Obama, for his current situation in the South American country, and foreseeing asylum for Venezuelan citizens.

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