Donald Trump responded to comments by former President Barack Obama

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US President Donald Trump on Tuesday responded on Twitter to remarks made Monday by his predecessor, Barack Obama, about two mass killings at the end of the week.

Obama, in a statement released on Twitter on Monday, called on Americans to reject statements made by any leader of the country that, as he put it, “fuel an atmosphere of fear and hatred and make racism acceptable.”
Donald Trump responded by answering a question: “Has George Bush ever criticized Obama for the mass murder in Sandy Hook?”
In December 2012, a 20-year-old man committed a mass murder at a Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Twenty-six people, including twenty students, were shot and killed, then committed suicide. The investigation revealed that he had shot his mother at home before leaving for school.
In a Twitter post, Trump referred to this, then noted that there were 32 mass killings in the eight years of the Obama presidency. “However, it was not generally believed that Obama lost control of things,” Trump wrote. He added that mass shootings had occurred in the country even before he even thought he wanted to be president.
Prior to that, the president wrote in another microblog post: “There is time for politicization and elections are in our necks. They (the Democratic politicians) are pushing the narrative on racism. I am the least racist.”
Mass murder was committed on Saturday in El Paso, Texas, and on Sunday in Dayton, Ohio. The motive of the Texas offender was racism and anti-immigration. The two tragedies claimed 31 deaths and dozens of wounded. Donald Trump and the First Lady will travel to the two locations on Wednesday.

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