Donald Trump defended Alex Acosta, Minister of Labor, who attacked Epstein

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US President Donald Trump defended Tuesday’s Acts Minister of Labor, Alex Acosta, who was attacked by Epstein, whose resignation was demanded by leading Democratic party politicians.

Acosta was a prosecutor in Florida in 2008 who prosecuted Jeffrey Epstein’s billionaire businessman, allowing him to be sentenced to 13 months in prison for prostitution, but avoiding federal prosecution for trafficking. The 66-year-old Epstein was arrested at the end of the week, and on Monday he was charged with human trafficking and sexual harassment against minors in New York.
Donald Trump praised Acosta in the White House – before he began his talks with the Qatari emirate. “Very good Minister of Labor,” he said, and praised the results of the head of the ministry in reducing unemployment. He added, however, that he would have liked to have Acosta treated the Epstein case differently at that time, although – as he said – several prosecutors were involved in the decision-making process.
The President also separated himself from Jeffrey Epstein. As he said, he used to meet him a long time ago, at Palm Beach, Florida, where Trump’s villa is, but never got closer to a friendly relationship. “I didn’t particularly like him,” Trump told reporters. He added that he “closely follows” the developments in the case.
Kellyanne Conway, president’s advisor, told reporters on Tuesday that Donald Trump had no intention of releasing Acost. Conway called “pigs” those who harass children sexually, according to these criminals to “hell in hell.”
Acosta himself dealt with Epstein on a series of Twitter posts on Tuesday. In one, he remarked that Epstein had been “horrified”, and was delighted that New York prosecutors had found new evidence and charged with the case.
Former US President Bill Clinton, who is also mentioned in the press among former friends of Epstein, announced on Monday evening that he had traveled four times in 2002 and 2003 on Epstein’s private aircraft, but “he knew nothing of Jeffrey Epstein’s terrible crimes”. The former president has not spoken to Epstein for more than ten years and has never been a guest at it, the announcement said.

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