Donald Trump has blocked all assets of the Venezuelan government

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On Monday night, US President Donald Trump blocked all assets of the Venezuelan government.

“I decided that as Nicolas Maduro’s illegitimate regime continued to abuse his power, I was blocking all assets of the Venezuelan government,” Trump wrote in a statement he sent to the House of Representatives Democratic President Nancy Pelosi. According to the presidential decree, the Venezuelan government’s assets and securities – in other words, its assets – cannot be “transferred, removed, recalled or manipulated in any way” from the country. In his statement, Donald Trump accused the Maduro government of “committing human rights abuses, arbitrarily arresting and imprisoning Venezuelan citizens, restricting freedom of the press, and continually trying to undermine Juan Guaido’s interim president and democratically elected Venezuelan nation.” Guaido is the leader of the opposition majority in Venezuela and in January declared himself the interim leader of Venezuela. In addition to the United States, several countries recognize him as the interim leader of the South American state.
US national security adviser John Bolton said Monday at a conference in Lima that Venezuela was “like a” state “like Iran, Syria and North Korea, and called on Russia not to support Maduro.
Bolton thought Maduro’s system was coming to an end and the Venezuelan president was negotiating with the opposition just to gain time. He said in a Trump presidential decree signed Monday that the US government – not only blocking all Caracas government assets, but also prohibiting foreign nationals from carrying out any financial transaction with Caracas – “will ensure Maduro’s system runs out of financial resources to sustain”.
He added that Washington also took appropriate measures to ensure that the Venezuelan people continued to have access to aid.

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