Danube Shipwreck – They’ve begun picking up a sunken ship

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They started to pick up a mermaid ship sinking in the shipwreck on May 29th on Tuesday morning.

The current live channel M1, which broadcasts the operation, was said to save six hours according to preliminary information.
Referring to Nándor Jasenyszky, head of the Department for Social Relations of the Center for Combating Terrorism, the M1 correspondent said that the most critical point of the operation would be when the hull was raised from the bottom of the bed.
He said the operation would consist of several stages, during which the ship would be screened several times.
One part of the ship has already appeared on the surface. According to preliminary information, when the captain’s bridge emerges, they stop with the lift, and a firefighter explores the area where the captain was staying at the time of the accident. If you discover a corpse, the primary thing is to bring it up. Afterwards, the washbasin and the staircase leading to the engine room are inspected and a further lift is made, followed by pumping.
It is planned that the ship will be highlighted in four phases, which is expected to be used throughout the morning.
According to the on-site information from the MTI correspondent, the ship is first lifted on the captain’s bridge, then up to the floor level, then to the waterline, and then the whole vehicle is brought to the surface and placed on the forward barges.
During each phase, divers enter the hull to remove objects, pieces of furniture, and objects that cover the bodies.
The authorities are also prepared to capture potentially spilled fuel from Mermaid, as there are 1400 liters of diesel fuel in the hull – the MTI was informed on the spot.
The Mermaid cruise ship sailed on the evening of May 29 near the Margaret Bridge after colliding with the Viking Sigyn hotel ship. There were 35 on board, 33 South Korean citizens and two-member Hungarian staff. Seven passengers were rescued, eight were still looking for: seven South Korean passengers and the Hungarian captain of the cruise ship.
Sándor Pintér, Minister of the Interior, entrusted the Center for Combating Terrorism (TEK) with the task of lifting the ship.
The Mermaid was built in 1949, the ship is 27.2 meters long, 4.8 meters wide and 5.2 meters tall, weighing 50 tons. To highlight the tourist boat from Komarom on Friday, Adam Clark is able to lift 200 tons.
The Ukrainian captain of the Viking Sigyn hotel ship, confronted with the Mermaid, was suspected and arrested as a suspect for alleged misconduct on the part of a vessel causing a fatal mass accident.

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