In this cafe you will pay with waste

kávézó, hulladék, fizetni

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The first Indian Waste Cafe will provide healthy food for the homeless and the poor, and encourage people to keep their streets clean.

Are you hungry and have no money? No problem, bring plastic waste and you will get free food

Said the Mayor of the East Indian City, Adjay Tiree.

Everyone who brings plastic waste is welcome. The café will be run mainly by women. Preparations are underway with steam
He added to a correspondent at the Reuters news agency’s foundation service.

Disposable plastic is already banned in many states of India, but Indians still produce 26,000 tons of plastic waste every day, according to government figures. The waste is often dumped into the streets and sewers.

At the Waste Cafe, one curry is given for one kilogram of plastic with rice, lentils and Indian bread.

The mayor says this amount of plastic waste can be collected in a matter of hours. Breakfast is served for half a kilogram.

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