So far, only the stars could go to the top of the skyscraper, now anyone

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Advance booking and approximately $ 27,000 to see Taiwan’s Taipei 101 VIP Lookout.
The Taipei 101 skyscraper in Taiwan was the tallest building in the world between 2004 and 2010, while the Burj Khalifa did not repel the throne. Until now, only ordinary people have been able to look up to level 89, but now they also open the VIP Lookout at the top of the building, which until now has been visited by celebrities like Bill Smith, who is traveling with his book Bill or Clinton. and his son, Jaden.

However, the VIP lookout is still not open to large crowds because it is only 12 people and only allows visitors to visit 40-40 minutes per day, after booking, writes MTI. Tourists on the rooftop lookout have to move to another lift on the 89th floor, and even have to go down the stairs.

The entry is $ 3,000 Taiwan ($ 27,200), the flat 89th floor ticket costs about $ 5,000.

The Taipei 101 elevators set a world record by launching visitors in 37 seconds to the 89th floor large lookout. The 509 meter building occupies 101 levels above the ground and five underground.

Operators hope that the opening of the VIP Lookout will result in a five percent increase in Taipei’s attendance at 101 percent, which has been declining since 2015 due to the lack of Chinese (mainland) tourists. Since February, visitors have been growing again, mainly thanks to tourists from South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia, but again the number of Chinese visitors is increasing.

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