Huge ancient galaxies have been discovered so far

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Thirty-nine gigantic ancient galaxies, previously invisible, have been discovered by Japanese researchers. This is the first time that so many galaxies have been discovered at once.

“This is the first time that such large numbers of galaxies have been confirmed in such a large number of the first 2 billion years of the 13.7 billion-year universe. These galaxies were previously invisible to us,” said Vang Tao, a researcher at the University of Tokyo’s Atomic Energy Commission. and a member of the National Observatory of Japan, author of a study on the discovery published Wednesday in the journal Nature.
“This discovery confronts current models for this phase of cosmic evolution and helps us understand some of the details that have been missing so far,” he added.
Connecting galaxies with supernatural masses of black holes and black matter to such an extent is contrary to the current model of the universe, writes
Due to their age and distance, these galaxies of enormous masses were hidden because their light was dim and elongated. From this distance, the light becomes infrared, and the universe expands, which increases the distance.
“The light of these galaxies is very faint and very long wavelengths, invisible to the eye and not perceptible by Hubble,” said Kohno Kotaro, a scientist at the University of Tokyo. Therefore, the Atacama Large Millimeter / Submillimeter Network (ALMA) was used, which is ideal for monitoring such objects.
Studying galaxies also provides more information about the black holes in the supernatural mass.
“The bigger the mass of a galaxy, the bigger the black hole in the heart of the supernatural mass. So studying the evolution of galaxies will give you more insight into the black holes in the supernatural,” Kohno said.

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