One of the oldest trees in the world was found in an American marshland

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An at least 2624-year-old American taxi (Taxodium distichum) is the oldest known tree in the eastern part of the United States.

The researchers discovered the special tree when studying anniversary rings along the Black River tributary in the southeast of the state to reveal the climate history of the eastern part of North America. Beyond the age of the trees, the width and color of the year rings also reveal how rainy or dry it was for a given year – according to the LiveScience news portal.

From previous field work in the area, experts have already known that the region is home to one of the oldest American marshland clusters in the United States. Researchers have previously identified several trees in the area between 1,000 and 1,650.

In addition to the 2624-year-old American marsh cypress, also known as comb marsh cypress, a 2088-year-old specimen was found, and experts say it is likely that almost a few thousand years of trees along the Black River, which is about 100 kilometers long, will rise.

According to the study, the American marsh cypress is now proven to be the world’s oldest known species of aquatic species, and is ranked fifth in the world ranking of the oldest trees growing sexually. (The only individuals that have cloning with non-veracious reproduction – clones that have the same genome as the parent plant are still losing tens of thousands of years.)

Researchers say that the ancient trees that have been discovered now live in a protected area, but still remain threatened by logging and other work in other parts of the river, as well as industrial pollution and climate change.

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