Dangerous Interpreter: Translated a sentence, executed

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The Trump – Kim meeting failed, the Korean negotiators were executed. Already if the news is true because brutally executed diplomats sometimes reincarnate with other identities in North Korea.
In February this year, Donald Trump, American and Kim Jongun North Korean leader, had a second meeting with Hanoi. The negotiations ended without tangible results. According to a South Korean newspaper report, the northern dictator has in the meantime found those responsible for the failure of the talks, especially in the presence of a formerly fast-growing head diplomat, the US Special Envoy to the United States, Kim Hjoklu. According to the accusation, he did not properly assess the position of the Americans, but he was spying because he betrayed Kim’s intentions to the imperialists.
The largest, one-million South Korean newspaper, The Chosun Ilbo, knows that four more diplomats have paid their lives for negotiation failure, while many have been forced into forced camps. Most of them had less weight in the preparatory work done by Hjoklą’s staff, but one of them was supposed to be an interpreter who, according to Kim, could turn it around.

Kim, who wanted to make her friend Donald Trump resolve the toughest sanctions on the Korean nuclear missile program, had great hopes for Vietnamese talks,


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