Dr. John American Musician Died

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Dr. John is dead American musician. The six-time Grammy-award-winning singer, keyboardist, guitarist, songwriter, and producer, who entered the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, died of a heart attack on Thursday, 77 years old.

In his music, the blues, pop, jazz, buggy, and rock and roll mixing Dr. John (Malcolm John Rebennack) was released on the musician’s Twitter site. In addition to others, Ringo Starr and Debbie Harry (Blondie) have expressed their condolences on their community interface, bbc.com wrote.
Born in New Orleans, Dr. John began his career at the end of the fifties as a pianist and singer in the city’s musical life. It took a decade to become known as a solo singer after publishing his first independent material in 1968, titled Gris-Gris.
During his long career, he produced about 35 solo albums, in addition to his many concert records and selections, and also contributed to a number of other performers (just a few examples: Canned Heat, Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Ringo Starr, Gregg Allman). His best-known song was Right Place, Wrong Time, released in 1973. He has been awarded the most prestigious American musical award, the Grammy Award, six times, and has been awarded three albums, most recently in Locked Down in 2013. In 2011 he was introduced to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.
His concerts were characterized by a carnival atmosphere, often wearing bright clothes with feathers in his performances and scattering mica in the audience. For a long time, she was successfully fighting drug addiction, and she was still in jail for drugs because of her in the mid-sixties.
She married twice and, as she once stated in the New York Times, she had many children.

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