Beijing’s futuristic giant airplane completed

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By the end of June, construction work was completed at one of the world’s largest international airports, and the Dahsing of Beijing is scheduled to open officially on September 30th, “said CGTN China News Agency. (Our pictures above show the pre-transfer states as well as the works at the beginning of the year.)

The construction lasted three years and the new airport was needed to meet the growing demand for air travel in the capital of China. The Dahsing International Airport is estimated to serve 45 million in 2021, 72 million in 2025, and up to 100 million in the future, thus greatly relieving the other large airport of the capital, the overcrowded Capita.

Terminal building resembling a six-pointed star is the work of the famous architect, the late Zaha Hadid and his office, thanks to the futuristic design, the transit passengers can get to the appropriate terminal on the highway between the individual branches.

The five air-side and ground-side building arms meet in a huge glass-roofed central hall, the last building not to be seen by the architects will provide a pleasant travel experience (the farthest entrance gate is only 600 meters from the central lounge) and its operation is more efficient and economical. airports of similar capacity.

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