EU Summit – Merkel: It is better to wait a few days than to make a hasty decision

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Although no decision was taken on the presidency of the EU institutions at the Brussels Summit of the leaders of the member states on Thursday, it is better to wait a few days and continue the negotiations rather than make hasty decisions, said the German Chancellor on Friday morning at the first working day of the EU summit in Brussels .

Angela Merkel confirmed at the press conference that no single candidate has the majority of the next European Commission presidency, so EU leaders will come to the table again next Sunday to agree on heads of EU institutions before the EU Parliament’s inaugural meeting on 2 July.
“We want a common solution with the European Parliament, and we do not want to create a crisis under any circumstances,” the German Chancellor said.
In response to a journalist question on the nomination of the People’s Party Manfred Weber, he said he could only give a final answer at the end of the process.
He also said that EU Member State leaders asked Donald Tusk Council President to negotiate with EU parliamentarians and leaders of his party families to find a solution acceptable to all parties.
French President Emmanuel Macron stated in a statement to journalists, as most of the candidates for the European institutions are still not represented, there is a need for a common position over the coming EU summit next Sunday. Europe must show that it can show unity by keeping in mind the interests of each and every one of us – he stressed.
He emphasized that candidates should gain the sympathy of the majority of EU bodies. There is a solution that strikes a balance that takes into account the geographical, demographic, political and gender distribution required, he stressed. He said he would not oppose a German top candidate if German Chancellor Angela Merkel were a candidate.
When Juri Ratas, Estonian Prime Minister, left, he said no one had been excluded from the candidates for the leadership of the EU institutions, and all the names are on the table. He expressed his hope that the next Sunday could be a solution for the President of the Commission and the other institutional leaders.
According to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the leaders of the EU member states “have not made any progress in the long hours of negotiation”. The process is slow, “takes some time, just like a government”, he said.
Rutte doubted that the extraordinary EU summit scheduled for 30 June would be much more promising.
Responding to the question of journalists that Frans Timmermans’ current EU commission vice-president, the “top candidate” for the European Socialist Party (PES), still holds the position of chair of the committee, Rutte stated: “I think so, but the thing is very unpredictable” .

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