Eurovision Song Contest – The Sabbath Day is being tightened to the finals in Israel

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By prolonging the Sabbath, the religious will be preparing for the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel.

David Lau, the Ashenazi chief of Israel, called on his followers to extend the Sabbath for twenty minutes, because the Sabbath day of the finals of the Song Festival will cause the workers to violate the sanctity of Saturday’s rest, in addition to the eyes of the whole world.
He therefore asked the religious to bring the Saturday’s arrival to ten minutes earlier at the official time this weekend, and the end to ten minutes later, with some of them observing Saturday’s rules.
At the seaside, large-scale projectors broadcast semifinals and finals to the locals, where tens of thousands of people can follow not only the events of the song contest, but also several local performances on many stages.
There has been a festival atmosphere for days in the city. Although fewer foreigners arrived at the event than expected, but with the Israelis, significant masses of events take place. On Thursday, the number of entertainers in the village of Eurovision was set at sixty thousand at the seaside village of Charles Clore in Tel Aviv.
Outside the beach, there were several street squares in the city. At the same time, one of the central areas of the old Tel-Aviv, Bialik Square, celebrated the 110th anniversary of the city, and in another field the opera singers performed the most successful songs of the Eurovision Song Contest. The Town Hall announced a “white night” on Thursday, along with a number of other cultural experiences waiting until dawn.

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