Eurovision Song Contest – The American version will start in two years

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Two years later, the American version of the Eurovision Song Contest will be launched: the European Broadcasting Association (EBU) has commissioned a Swedish production company to create an American version of the highly successful song contest.

It is planned that the Swedish Brain Academy production company will organize the first American song festival in 2021.
“In addition to sports shows, the world’s largest television show is the Eurovision Song Contest: uniting a continent and encouraging everyone to vote,” quoted Peter Settman, head of the Brain Academy and creative director at The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday. Settman added that he was eager to introduce the competition to the world’s largest television market.
The Asian version of the song festival was announced in 2017. At the Asian Song Festival, 17 Asian countries, including China, India, Japan and the United Arab Emirates, will compete on a single night, but the date of the first broadcast has not yet been set.
The American Song Contest television competition is still under development. It is planned that in the multi-turn competition, the American states will play songs with each other, and the winner will be the winner in the finals.
This year’s 64th Eurovision Song Contest is considered to be the world’s largest musical event, with 200 million viewers worldwide. In addition to European countries, Israel and Australia have been competing since 2015.

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