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An industrial area where the time seemed to have stopped, because in the 1980s, the coal mines that secured the livelihood of people were closed down can be presented in several ways: we can choose to capture the hard, gray looklessness as an outsider, the safety of a camera, or the community. coated, guided by some kind of improvement intention, we prove that there is hope. This was the path chosen by Clémentine Schneidermann and Charlotte James, who wanted to dissipate all the stereotypes that people might remember about their models and their homes.

It’s Called Ffasiwn is a series of photos in South Wales. Charlotte was born here, and Clémentine Schneidermann studied here, and one of her most famous works, the portrait series of Elvis Presley fans, I Called her Lisa Marie, was also made here. The couple met in 2015, and after facing the same goal, they organized the first photo shoot.

The first time I came with a lot of nice clothes, I had a concept in my head. About 18 children came and it was a very new experience for them. I let you choose what you want to wear. After seeing how they enjoy this, I thought it would be worth having workshops for them to be part of the creative process

– said Charlotte James, who, together with his creator, is working in two local youth centers for children aged 8 to 14. Participants will learn how to tailor and sew in the workshop, and Schneidermann’s undiscovered purpose is to show their students the many forms of self-expression, to reinforce their self-confidence.

In the contradictory, sometimes somewhat surreal series, the main organizer power is the color. The authors tried to work with shades of the season or some current holiday, the color of Bálint’s day photography was red, the spring was pastel green, the summer was yellow, the halloween was black, and so on. And although it may seem that the photos have been set so that every detail has been discovered in advance, this is not true, spontaneity, chance, and improvisation are a very important component of this series, you never know who walks into the picture. Fortunately, children are not disturbed by the fact that they have to be modeled on the open street, they are not as if they are staring at them, or they may make remarks – the creators say. Let’s say that the title of the series can be derived from such a situation: the ffasiwn is fashion, that is, fashion welsh, and it’s called fashion (, look it up) is the voice of Nicky Ottav’s fashion blogger, and with this sentence a young James model was cut back when a team of local boys outfitted their clothes on one of the first shootings.

The creators worked at the same time with documentary and fashion photography tools. Though the documentary genre has a long tradition in South Wales, but they felt that its frameworks were relatively stiff, and the series made in this way generally lack optimism and positive attitude, while they want to show the youth that there is a way out and a future. . Fashion and fashion photography, however, provide enough space for playfulness, not to mention the fact that this will give the broader end results of joint work, and this community, especially children, needs publicity and support in a material sense.

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