Is this a joke? Unbelievable Video Spreading On The Web: Raw Chicken Breast Escaped From Plate

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There are speculations as to whether the raw chicken breast has really “revived”.

A video filled with a bowl of raw chicken blew up the Internet. That in itself would not be interesting, but one of the chicken breasts suddenly moves and then slips off the plate and finally jumps off the table after hearing her scream of dinner, writes the Mirror.

Some may have joked about Internet users, but the scene may not really be a joke. According to one breeder, the phrase “running around like a headless chicken” has a real basis, because it is easy for chickens to run even further after they have been slaughtered. This is only possible because the muscles are not controlled by the brain, but by the brain stem, and the muscles can receive stimuli even after the slaughter.

Why'd the chicken cross the plate?

Who's having the 'Zombie Chicken' for lunch?WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!?!? 😲🤢🤮Credit: Facebook/Rie Prettyredbone Phillips

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