Delete these apps if you are on android

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Google has recently banned more apps from its app store that violated its terms and conditions to keep users from spying on one another. However, the apps that have already been downloaded will stay on the phones until the users themselves delete them – writes Lifehacker.

The apps involved are so-called stalkware applications, that is, you can give them access to third party’s phone, location, and other sensitive information. They advertise themselves for legal purposes, such as employers, subordinates or parents to monitor their children, but they can also be deployed to monitor others in addition to these morally questionable uses.

Google uses legal tracking cards, but they must meet certain conditions: they can only be advertised for legitimate purposes, they must be clearly visible when running on a device, and it must be clear what function they are performing. The apps that try to hide are flying.

The Avast security company has now covered such a banned app that Google has removed from its app store, but who has previously downloaded one (or someone else’s on his mobile) should manually delete it from his or her mobile to get rid of it. These apps are:

Employee Work Spy
Mobile Tracking
Phone Cell Tracker
SMS Tracker
Spy Kids Tracker
Spy Tracker
Track Employees Check Work Phone Online Spy Free

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