Let’s play these with the kids while traveling

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We all know the phrase that can be heard every minute from the beginning of the journey: “Mom, are we already there?” Sometimes you don’t have to travel more hours to get your child out of the car, and in the summer, families can go on a longer trip, with a couple of games that can catch the kids on the road.

We have not been to a place where we should travel more than 2-3 hours, but sometimes it is harder for children to wear it. I am always preparing to be tied up with ready-made toys, employers, etc. when they are no longer bound by the outside landscape. choose from. In this post I show you some games that we play.

Because our children are of quite different ages, there are some games that we cannot play with every single thing, or in some simpler form.

In our country, these have been introduced to longer driving times:

“I see something with my eyes … green”

This kind of game can be connected from a very small age, provided the child already recognizes the colors. We can all play this with space. The point is that the above sentence is accompanied by some color and the others have to find out what it is. Sometimes it turns out to be funny because if they say something we’ve just left with the car then it’s hard to find it …

Twenty Questions

This is a classic on-the-go game, we can play with the bigger ones in a simpler form, but within 1-2 years I think the smallest will be able to enter.

Travel Lego Set

I’ve been planning to do this for a long time, but this summer I managed to do it. The bottom line is that a smaller box (like an ice cream box can be appropriate) is attached to the top with some removable adhesive (I used a plasticine glue) to fix the base and take as many Legs in the box as you can build something. I think it works with normal size building blocks, Duplo is too big for it.


We usually take the books of the browser to travel, but otherwise any book can be a good service that children love. Sometimes we also listen to the tales as an audiobook, perhaps most of all we were listening to the Berry and Babócas because all three kids loved it at the same time.

Quiet book

I have written about this before, how much they like to get involved with this, we carry it with us almost every time we drive them, because they will hold them for a while.

Road highway

To do this, just drive a car (possibly with a city) with small cars. It can also be laminated to make it less vulnerable, or it may be worth affixing it to a cardboard to make it easier for cars to travel. I think every little boy is doing this for a while.

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