White House: Donald Trump talks with Boris Johnson on partnership and global security

epa07625069 US President Donald J. Trump speaks at a press conference at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London, Britain, 04 June 2019. US President Trump and his wife are on a three-day official visit to Britain. EPA/NEIL HALL

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US President Donald Trump said Monday in a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson about partnership and global security, the White House said.

According to a White House statement, the two politicians discussed a number of issues, including trade and global challenges.
“The President commends the United Kingdom for its steady partnership in global challenges and looks forward to a personal meeting with Boris Johnson in the near future,” reads the President’s Office statement.
The US president has previously praised Boris Johnson while repeatedly criticizing his predecessor, Theresa May, for the slow and mistaken pace of Brexit negotiations. Donald Trump had already proposed a bilateral trade deal to Theresa May, but the former British Prime Minister did not want to hear about it.
Following the election of Boris Johnson, Washington immediately signaled its readiness to enter into a free trade agreement with London. National Security Adviser John Bolton arrived on Monday for a two-day visit to the British capital to discuss the post-Brexit US-British relationship, according to US press reports.

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