Putin was reported for motoring without a helmet

Szevasztopol, 2019. augusztus 11. Az elnöki sajtószolgálat által közreadott képen Vlagyimir Putyin orosz elnök Ural típusú oldalkocsis motorkerékpárt vezet az ukrajnai Krím félszigeten fekvõ Szevasztopol közelében 2019. augusztus 10-én. Putyin az Éjszakai Farkasok motoroscsoport találkozójára tart az Orszország által annektált Krímben. MTI/EPA/Szputnyik/Alekszej Druzsinyin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has been reported racing alongside members of the Night Wolves Motor Group in Sevastopol without a helmet, Russian news agencies said on Monday.

The Russian head of state was first called for by Vladimir Chuhunov’s Vladivostok lawyer from the traffic police in Sevastopol. According to a report, “Vladimir Putin, a fellow citizen in the company of unidentified persons,” was driving a Ural motorcycle at the Babylon Shadow Festival in Crimea on Saturday.
In the same case, Oleg Homutyinnyikov Lipetsk County Representative Yuriy Tchaikovsky urged Attorney General to investigate the case.
According to Russian proximity safety regulations, a fine of one thousand rubles can be imposed on motorcycles without a helmet. (The ruble is currently worth around US $ 4.40.)
Putin personally welcomed the Night Wolves Motor Club, faithful to the Kremlin’s policy, to Sevastopol during the group’s first presentation in Crimea 10 years ago. Kiev protested against the Russian President’s recent visit to the peninsula.
According to independent Russian online TV Dozhy, a Arkhangelsk district court fined Georgian Mineyev a local resident for violation of state power by 15,000 rubles at the end of July for criticizing social media for putting Putin through the Kerch Strait without fastening a seat belt on the day of delivery. Minayev, who admittedly used the term “debiloid” in connection with the president, said he was fined for taking part in a demonstration against a garbage dump in the region.
In addition, the Federal Security Service for the Presidential Security (FSZO) claimed that the Crimean bridge had not yet been subject to traffic regulations at the time of the President’s passage.

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