FIFA – Manchester City has been fined but not excluded from the transfer period

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Manchester International has not been ruled out by the International Football Association (FIFA).

The English club has breached the rules of contract for foreign football players under the age of 18 and FIFA has closed its investigation against it with a penalty of 370,000 Swiss francs.
According to FIFA’s announcement, the Disciplinary Committee took into account the City’s “responsibility”. The organization did not specify what and how many cases the Manchester Club violated the rules.
Chelsea was ruled out by FIFA in February for two transfer periods, following 29 cases of breach of contract rules for foreign football players under the age of 18 and a number of irregularities in the registration process.
In addition to the ban on the two transfer periods (this summer and next January), the club has also been fined 600,000 Swiss francs. The London club challenged the ruling at the International Sports Arbitration Court (CAS) in June.
Manchester City is also facing another investigation after the European Federation (UEFA) is expected to be fined for violating its financial fair play rules. In June, City turned to CAS before making a decision. The basis of financial fair play is that an association cannot spend more than its income.

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