A movie about mysterious horror, Momo

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Horror movie about Momo, the Internet booming last year, developed by Orion Pictures and Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment, writes Deadline. About a year ago, Momo frightened children and parents to death. A terrifying, distorted face that sends out various scary messages to those who interact with WhatsApp, a (youth) favorite chat application.

Momo told me I was “dead”, or it was just an unacceptably unpleasant, grumpy sound, or a threatening minigideo that was threatening to sound. There was also news that Momo is encouraging children to commit suicide and many have committed suicide.

In March this year, the Momo craze was resurrected, but it soon became clear that Kamu was a hoax that was being distributed by those who wanted to protect the children. Worried parents, teachers, media, and grandmothers were still in desperate positions about Momo’s scaring kids again. Later, it turned out that child murder due to Momo is not just fortunate enough.

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